On The dance floor

2021 - Digital Painting

La vie est dure, la bière est douce

2020 - Beer Label / Illustration series for La Knowlton Co.


2020 - Digital Painting

SPONGE BOB season 11 crew t-shirt

For SpongeBob Season 11 wrap party, I was asked to design a crew t-shirt. Here’s some concepts, sketches & final result.
Color by Teale Wang


2020 - Digital Art


2010 - Mixed Media

Published in Erri Vol.1 - illustration book featuring Montréal-based illustrators

Analog Concerto 2

2017 - Digital Art

Le gérant d'estrade

2018 - Mixed Media (acrylics, ink, paper collage)

My contribution to the SpongeBob crew gallery at Nickelodeon Animation Studio (Los Angeles)


2019 - Digital Collage

Raph Wolf

2018 - Digital Painting

Part of the Tunes Collab Virtual Gallery curated by Nico Colaleo

Montréal Carnivores lp COVER ART

2019 - Graphics & font design

for self-titled Montréal Carnivores LP

Flyer Art - Bois pis Barbouille 12

2018 - Digital Art

Flyer design for the most festive drink n' draw event in Montréal

The Fuzzy Pubes EP COVER ART

2019 - Graphics & font design

for The Fuzzy Pubes Echo Park Fizzle EP

High On Battery Juice

2017 - Digital Art

Eye Ghost (CUPHEAD)

2020 - Digital painting & FX animation

A Day At The Races

2018 - Digital Art

Caddy & Bert

2017 - Development/Concept Art for Pitch Bible


2020 - Digital Art

Wackatdooo board excerpt

(click the three vertical dots menu below to view in full-screen)

Make sure to watch the whole short film HERE!


I played a big role on the Cuphead Show: I storyboarded 10 episodes or so (with amazing board
partner: Ian Vasquez & Adam Paloian as our supervisor) and was also involved in the opening credits.

The Cuphead show will premiere in 2022 on Netflix


Some releases from bands or musical projects I have been part of. I performed, produced & mixed those EPs and I also design the cover art.

I will update shortly with more audio mixing & sound design work.

The Fuzzy Pubes - The Echo Park Fizzle

Released February 28, 2019

The Echo Park Fizzle is the first, last & only EP by the Echo Park acclaimed duo The Fuzzy Pubes!

Geneviève Paré: Basse & voix
Benjamin Arcand: Guitare & voix

Les drums sont une gracieuseté de François-Xavier Paquin

Enregistré à Echo Park, Joshua Tree & Montréal
Paroles & musique: Geneviève Paré et Benjamin Arcand
Réalisation & mix: Benjamin Arcand
Mastering: JP Villemure

Graphisme: Benjamin Arcand
Photo: François-Xavier Paquin

BEER LEAGUE BENNY - On fait un film avec des explosions

Released November 8, 2019

Les restes d'une vie à Echo Park et le froid chaleureux de Montréal auront inspiré ce mini EP. Le 2e est déjà dans le four!

Sons émis, enregistrés & mixés par Benjamin Arcand
Mastering: JP Villemure
Pochette: Benjamin Arcand
LINK FOR MUSIC VIDEO ~ On fait un film


Released December 11, 2020

Composé, réalisé, enregistré & mixé par Benjamin Arcand

·Benjamin Arcand : Guitares (excepté sur "Au camion"), basse,
percussions & voix
·François Xavier Paquin : Drums (pistes 1, 2, 3),
percussions sur "Grandma's Booze",
échantillonné à son insu sur "Peut-être que ça me chante" (percussions additionnelles)
·David Chassé : Guitares sur "Au camion"
·Marc-André Arcand : Contrebasse sur "I Got No Home"

Mastering : Jean-Philippe Villemure
Photo : François-Xavier Paquin
Graphisme : Benjamin Arcand

SpongeBob SquarePants


The Cuphead Show

Caddy & Bert

Middlemost Post





Jo Minkus

Crazy Horse Power

Demo Reel

______ I am a passionate animation artist from Montréal. For the past seventeen years, I've been working on short films, TV series & features films. My first independent short film Wackatdooo (2014) has screened in more than 30 film festivals around the globe and received excellent reactions from the public & critics. It also won Best Original Design at Brookyln's Animation Block Party. In 2016, I joined the animation scene of Los Angeles. After working more than two years on animated hit series: SpongeBob SquarePants. I am now back in Montréal and working with different clients: I played a key role on the upcoming series on The Cuphead Show (Netflix) as a storyboard artist and am currently directing on SpongeBob.

Besides illustration, animation & film, music is a HUGE part of my life, I've played in multiple garage & punk bands in the past (Montréal Carnivores, The Fuzzy Pubes,...) and I am currently working on a 3rd release for my current project: Beer League Benny. I'm also a self-taught audio engineer and I am looking forward to take on more audio-related freelance work in the near future.
Rock On! 🤘🏿

(click the LinkedIn button below to see my résumé or use the email icon to reach out)


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CLICK HERE to visit my OLD PORTFOLIO website in the meantime

I started working on SpongeBob as a freelancer Storyboard Artist in 2016.

During the summer of 2017 I moved in Los Angeles to join the SpongeBob crew full-time as a storyboard artist. I was in (what we call) the plussing team. We would plus the rough storyboard, add gags, better/tighter drawings, poses & expressions that would match the audio track better, anything we could do to improve the storyboard, really.

In 2019 I moved back to Montréal, where I was providing them with storyboard director services (just a fancy title for rough storyboards from script). I did that for 8 months or so, then other contracts (The Cuphead Show mainly) kept me busy...

Finally in 2020, I was given the supervising director role on a two-parter/special episode (yet to be release)!

Caddy & Bert

April - 2016

I created this concept of a short film for Nickelodeon Shorts Program. I pitched this thing twice (2016 & 2017) without any luck. That being said, the fine folks at Nick had good words about it all and this piece made me grow as an artist, especially as a board artist & director. Ultimately, this (amongst other things) helped me land a storyboard artist position on SpongeBob Squarepants.

After it was "rejected", I almost made this into an independent animated short film, but life events chose differently... Eventually this project was shelved, became "old" and wasn't important enough for me to fully invest myself into it (financially & time-wise). Some stuff I still like in it, some stuff I really hate now. Please bear with my funky 2016 accent and questionable voice acting, ha!


2016 - mini-pitch bible, initial board & animatic
2016 - aimless Crazy Baloney intro
2017 - additional development/concept art
2018 - animatic tweaks (mostly minor timing adjustments)
2021 - glued the whole thing together and finally released it online

Development & script/outline: Benjamin Arcand & Geneviève Paré
Design, storyboard & animatic: Benjamin Arcand
Sound design: Benjamin Arcand
*temporary music for proof-of-concept only
Questionable voice acting: Benjamin Arcand
Huge thanks to: Jenny Donovan, Geneviève Paré, Patrick Désilets, Sean Scott, Patrick McEown, Meghan Lands, Raphaele Bard, Phil Rynda, Thomas Chrétien, Lluis Sanchez, Mourad Seddiki, Marc-André Arcand, François-Xavier Paquin for their input and/or potential involvement.

mini pitch bible:

more concept art:

Middlemost Post

Opening Credits Animatic - 2020

John Trabbic III (show creator) asked me if I was interested in boarding the main titles for his new TV series. I was thrilled by the challenge and excited to contribute to this awesome show! John & his team gave me a lot of room to play with, we bounce ideas off each other and in the end, this is the animatic I delivered:

See fully animated version below:


Opening Credits Animatic - 2015

I was asked to create the intro for ToonMarty (TV series on Teletoon/Nickelodeon) on which I was also the character designer, music supervisor (for a bit) & storyboarded on 3-4 episodes. I pretty much had "carte blanche" from the director & producers. I did everything from concept, storyboard to animatic. I also (co) art-directed the opening afterwards and also helped with the music supervision of the theme song & its final mix.

See fully animated version below:


September 2014
Animation created for LoopdeLoop
Concept, design, direction & animation by Benjamin Arcand
Music & sound by François-Xavier Paquin

Crazy Horse Power

September 2017
Submission for LoopdeLoop (Theme: Power)
Concept, design, animation, voice acting & sound design

Breadwinners Vine

May 2016
Vine created for the 25th anniversary of Nickelodeon
Concept, direction & animation by Benjamin Arcand
Music & sound by Jonathan Hylander

Demo Reel 2016

Old Animation Demo Reel 2016 - Benjamin Arcand
Main Tune: "Crazy Chase" composed and arranged by François-Xavier Paquin

After 2016, I kind of reoriented my career towards, design, storyboard & direction. That being said, I still animate and I believe animation & timing is one of my greatest strength. I believe those skills are a huge asset no matter which position you have in the animation pipeline, especially for storyboarding & directing. In short, this old demo is still relevant, even though I will update with my latest work sooner than later.

Jo Minkus

February 2015

Created and directed by Benjamin Anders
(ANDERS, not me: Arcand, I know it's confusing, see my involvement below)
Animation by Benjamin Anders, Benjamin Arcand & Sandra Rivas

Full Credits:
Jo Minkus, created by Benjamin Anders for the Nickelodeon Int'l Animated Shorts Program 2014-15
Created and Directed by Benjamin Anders
Written by Benjamin Anders & Robert Frimston
Additional Writing by Merriwether Williams
Background Design by Gyimah Gariba
Animation by Benjamin Anders, Benjamin Arcand & Sandra Rivas
Compositing by W. Scott Forbes
Editing by Nico Colaleo
Voice cast:
Jo - Elaine Carroll
Foxtrot - Will Friedle
Gleek - Thurop van Orman
Lola - Elaine Carroll
Casting Director - Gene Vassilaros CSA
Casting Manager - Shiondre Austin
Casting Coordinator - Morgann Franson
Casting Assistant - Courtney Moon
Music by Dave Newby
Sound Design by Adele Cutting
Mix by Goetz Botzenhardt
Consulting Producer for Nickelodeon - Suzanne Lang
Production Coordinator for Nickelodeon - Matt Kilroy
Executive in Charge of Production for Nickelodeon - Alexi Wheeler
Special Thanks To - Nina Hahn & Jules Borkent


January 2014

Direction & animation : Benjamin Arcand
Music & sound: François-Xavier Paquin
Color design/background painter: Edith Lebel
Special guests animators: Sarah Baril & Patrick Désilets
Consultant: Geneviève Paré

Music performed by:
David Meunier-Roy (Bass)
Dylan Perron (Banjo)
François-Xavier Paquin (Drums)
Jean-Sébastien Leblanc (Clarinet)
Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier (Trompette)
Olivier Hébert (Trombone)

Festivals Selections:
Athens Animfest - Athens/Greece - March 2014
Animation Torrent - Chicago/USA - April 2014
Animatricks Festival - Helsinki/Finland - April 2014 - Honorary mention in the int'l competition
Golden Kuker-Sofia International Animation Film Festival - Sofia/Bulgaria - May 2014
MIAFF - Melbourne/Australia - June 2014
Fest Anca - Žilina/Slovakia - June 2014
SIGGRAPH (via Animation Torrent best hand-drawn films selection) - Vancouver/Canada - August 2014
Encounters Film Festival - Bristol/UK - September 2014
Ottawa International Animation Festival - Ottawa/Canada - September 2014
Festimation - Missoula, MT/USA - October 2014
Animalada Festival de Animación de Sevilla - Seville/Spain - October 2014 -
London International Animation Festival - London/UK - October 2014
The World Animation Celebration - Los Angeles/USA - November 2014 - Top3 finalist
PRIMANIMA, World Festival of First Animations - Budaörs/Hungary - November 2014
Leeds International Film Festival - Leeds/UK - November 2014
Short Short Story Film Festival - Providence, RI/USA - November 2014
Sommets du cinéma d’animation - Montréal/Canada - November 2014
Animac - Lleida/Spain - February 2015
Regard sur le court métrage - Chicoutimi/Canada - March 2015
International Motion Festival - Cyprus - March 2015
Festival International du court métrage d’animation - Roanne/France - Mars 2015
Festival Fenêtre sur court - Côtes d'Armor/France - Avril 2015
Northwest Animation Festival -Portland/USA - May 2015
Louisiana International Film Festival (LIFF) - Baton Rouge/USA - May 2015
Syfy Movies With A View, Brooklyn/USA - July 2015
Animation Block Party - Brooklyn/USA - July 2015 - Best Original Design Award
Anti-Tube cinéma plein-air - Québec/Canada - Août 2015
Festival Internacional de Jóvenes Realizadores de Granada - Granada/Spain - October 2015
Anim'est Animation International Film Festival - Bucharest/Romania - October 2015
Manchester Animation Festival - Manchester/UK - November 2015

Part of the exposition stop.look.listen #3 at La Gaité Lyrique - Paris/France - Oct. 7th - Dec. 31st 2014